3 Types of Marketing Traffic You Need To Know

Understanding the three types of traffic will help you know how to direct the right traffic who want to buy more of your product and services.

What is traffic: Traffic is the number of visitors that are driven to your website from various sources. This traffic should come from people interested in your product or services within your niche. It’s important to note that just because people are driven to your website doesn’t mean success unless they take action.

As discussed by Russell Brunson in DotComSecrets Secrets regarding traffic, “A critical DotComSecrets you must understand to experience exponential growth is this:

There are only three types of traffic:

  1. Traffic you control
  2. Traffic you don’t control
  3. Traffic  you OWN

Once you understand how each type of traffic work and how they tie together, you will have the ability to direct the right traffic to the right offers, and convert the highest number possible into buyers and repeat clients. Your one and ONLY goal is to OWN all the traffic you can.”


Traffic you control

Let’s start with traffic you control. I like to think of this as the traffic that you have the ability to tell it where to go. Kind of like the school crossing guard at my daughter’s school. Online, if you purchase an ad on Google, I don’t own the traffic that hits google, but I can control where the traffic goes after they click on your ad. Paid traffic is the traffic you control. Some examples that Russell gives include the following:

  • Banner ads
  • PPC (Pay-per-click ads) Facebook, Google, other websites
  • Native ads
  • Affiliate and joint ventures
  • Pinterest Ads

raffic you don’t control

Traffic you don’t control is the traffic that just drops by and you don’t control how they arrived. There are many ways that this can happen. Search traffic, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or even guest interviews, your YouTube channel, or any other social media account. Now, this traffic is great but your only goal with this traffic is to capture the traffic (email address) so you can own it.


Traffic you OWN

This is the most important and the best kind of traffic. This is your email list of readers, followers, and customers. You own this list and can talk to these folks at any time and it doesn’t cost you. You don’t have to pay for an ad on google or facebook. Think of this as your own distribution channel. You can speak to this channel at any given time. These folks are also often your loyal followers. If someone buys from you once, they often will buy from you again, and again, and again. This email list is key. And as you grow your email list, your income will increase as well.


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