5 Reason Why You MUST Build Your Email List

If you’re NOT building your email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake, Y’all.

Yup, I said it. I want to be loud and clear because there’s so much noise about social media that email list building seems to get lost. When I started my first online business, I made a lot of mistakes about email list building and social media marketing. Mistakes that you can avoid making. I’ll share my story about that later.

If you have an online business, you must build your email list. And if you have a brick and mortar store but are considering having an online storefront, you too must build your email list. If you’re selling “THE BEST EVER” Jerk chicken out of a food truck downtown, must build your email list. If you walk dogs, you must build your email list. Y’all… there’s something to this email list thing… Are you starting to get the point here…

Here are 5 Reasons Why You MUST Start Building Your Email List:

1. Instant Access to A Tribe that LOVES YOU! 

These people love you and your amazing stuff. There are lots of way to market to customers… Social media ads, content, billboards, articles, free stuff… but how about a quick email to these amazing people that want to hear from you? It’s like your own personal line of communication.*Would you rather you just wait for folks to walk through your shop door? Or would you rather talk to them, give them the free stuff of value and then promote your next product.

2. Bigger your list gets, the more people you’re promoting and selling to.

Think of your email list as a huge megaphone. All you have to do is love on your people, provide free content and talk to them weekly through the megaphone. The bigger your list gets, the more people are listening to you. Please note… you cannot just sell sell sell to your list. Value, Value, Value, Promote.

3. Instant Conversation and Feedback Generator

Talk to your people. These are your people.If they have signed up or bought from you before, there is a good chance that they LOVE YOU. Believe it. I’m serious. Hello, I have ten pairs of TOMS for a reason.There’s also a good chance that these people will be HONEST with you.

My friend who owns a shop was wondering why no one was buying the “Sidewalk Studded Sunshine Booties” while the “Hot Miami Flat” were flying off the shelves. START by asking your people, folks! Send them a note and get instant feedback. It works. The folks that buy from you do so for a reason. And often it’s because of the relationship you build with them.

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic”

4. Your email list is an ASSET

Y’alls, listen up… your mama may not have mentioned this one… but I’m tellin ya, so listen up. Email lists seem so ARCHAIC… Please, I know, but they are the most personal connection you have with your customer. I don’t care if you’re selling tires or botox injections. Your email list is an ASSET.

Here is a definition in case you need a reminder of the definition.
As·set: property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.You wouldn’t disregard your office, your computer, your iPhone as “not being an asset?” Neither is your email list.***NOTE: Social Media algorithms will always be changing, the hottest platforms will change, where did all the millenniums on Facebook…. the only thing you own… IS.YOUR.EMAIL.LIST.



The social media business page you set up, your Instagram account, SnapChat, blogger, and even your Twitter account is not owned by you. These accounts are on a platform that you do not own and can be shut down at any given moment but your email list is owned by you. (*Note:  We do not support purchasing email lists.) The relationship you build with your list is your GOLDEN GOOSE and something that will be around for a long time if nurtured correctly.


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